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Director Quality Assurance


The QA Director is responsible and has the authority to oversee the development, implementation, review, and maintenance of the SQF system. This will also include the food safety plan and the food quality plan. This leader will oversee the QA & Food Safety teams including a QA Manager.

Reports to: VP Operations

Compensation: to $140K + Bonus


  • Must take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the SQF System
  • Must communicate to relevant personnel all information essential to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of the SQF System
  • Must work as the leader in bringing information on new government regulations, new customers’ requirements, and new regulatory standards to be developed and implemented by the team
  • Must enforce the USDA regulations and requirements from other countries when product is exported
  • Must keep up to date and functional the HACCP-SQF system and prerequisite programs 
  • Coordinate all audits internal, 3rd Party, 2nd Party, customer and audits of the facility performed by other countries or by customers  
  • Mock Recall/Food Defense/Traceback Coordinator
  • Responsible for label and nutritional information for all new products 
  • Lead contract sanitation team. 
  • Oversee food safety and quality related training for all employee’s hygiene (new employees, annual and reinforcement)
  • Manage customer complaints relating to food safety and quality
  • Do verifications for HACCP-SQF system (on site verification, records verification, recurrence evaluation)
  • Make corrections on HACCP-SQF system and emit corrective action report following various audits
  • When regulations change, be sure all corrections are done for all control and verification affected by changes
  • Annually, verify and update all programs of HACCP-SQF system
  • Make microbiological analysis on product to determine shelf life and prepare report on findings
  • Be sure products label conform to regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that the company manufactures product that is safe and adheres to quality specifications and food safety set by the company, customers, and regulatory bodies
  • SQF Practitioner
  • Other related duties

Education / Training

  • Bachelor’s in food science or related field
  • HACCP Certified
  • Internal Auditing Training
  • SQF Practitioner
  • Proficient with Microsoft Suite/Datahex

Related Experience/Requirements

Minimum 5+ years of experience in QA/Food Safety Management Level


  • Leadership skills and ability to manage staff
  • Strong decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrate leadership experience with a high-functioning, fast-paced team
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work quickly while maintaining a high-priority to the safety of our workforce
  • Implementation and maintenance of HACCP based food safety plans and food quality plans
  • Understanding of SQF and the requirements of maintaining the SQF system

For More Info Please Contact:

Tim Healy                                                       781-837-8113